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The Awakening

(Leroux 1835)

The Daguet, 1st head deer

Two year old stag (Marquis de Dampierre – 1725)


Le Point du Jour

(around 1765)

The Discreet, 2nd Head Stag

Three-year-old stag (Marquis de Dampierre – 1727/1728)

Back to School at the Kennel

(Leroux 1835)

The Dauphine, Deer of 3rd Head

Four year old stag (Marquis de Dampierre – 1729)

Departure for the Hunt

(Author unknown)

The King’s Band, 4th Head Stag

Five year old stag (Louis XV – 1724)

The New Beginning

(around 1860)

The 4th Bourbon Head, 4th Head Stag

Five year old deer (Author unknown)

The Venerie Walk

(published by Thiberge in 1848)

The Dix-cors Jeunement

Six year old deer (Author unknown)

Arrival at the Rendezvous

(Gaffet – 1742)

The Royal

Stag Dix-Cors (Marquis of Dampierre – 1723)

The Ladies’ Carriage

(around 1835)

The Bizarre Head

(Author unknown)