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Online from June 13, 2023

"Trompe et Cors ATC About us Press Kit Introducing ATC "Mediatheque and Boutique Entertainment Music A composition by Hervé TEKNIA (Scores and MP3) Là-Haut sur la Montagne, Duos Trompes (or Cors) et Piano "Media library Hunting music Douze fanfares d'Équipages...

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About us Press Kit Introduction to TAC Media library / Shop : Entertainment music Four compositions by Hervé TEKNIA (Scores and MP3) L'Arrivée du Roy, Quintet. Piece for trumpets or horns, Ballade du Hundsrûck, Quintet. Piece for trumpets or horns, Danserie à la Cour,...

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Trumpets and Horns in Poland

ACADEMIE TROMPE ET CORS, AMBASSADOR OF THE HUNTING HORN IN POLAND 100 years OF THE POLISH HUNTING SOCIETY From March 17 to 19, 2023, the Académie Trompe et Cors represented the hunting horn with brio at the Poznan hunting show to mark the 100th anniversary of the...

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ATC, Trompe et Cors ... ABOUT US The Horn Academy (A.T.C.) is a musical association that brings together the great family of horns. Created with the aim of enhancing and promoting the rich cultural heritage, both national and European, of these "very close relatives",...

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Trumpet and horn meeting in Poland

THE TRUMP AND CORS ACADEMY in POLAND from March 16 to 19, 2023 POZNAN, one of the oldest and largest Polish cities, located in westernPoland on the Warta River. is the cradle of the Polish state and historical capital of the Wielkopolska region, Polish Hunting...

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Test article

Hello, it's me We won't see those unfortunate years again Which for the happiest have produced only tears. All kinds of goods will fill our families, The harvest of our fields will weary the sickles, And the fruits will pass the promise of the flowers...

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ATC, Horns and Trumpets about us…

About us


The reasons for the creation of the association

Although belonging to the same family and having common origins, the practices of the trumpet and the horn have mostly parallel lives.

The fantasies for trumpet music are still strongly inspired by the timbre of venereal music, which is a reference in this practice, and are notably found far from conservatories, orchestras, musical creation, and everything related to music for natural horns and French horns.

However, the music of these different instruments is extremely vast and in many ways shares the same themes of inspiration as those of the hunting horn.

So the idea is:

To create the Horn and Trumpet Academy (ATC) with the aim of bringing together the entire horn family, from the hunting horn to the modern horn, in an international perspective.


The ACADEMIE TROMPE et CORS ®, an association under the French law of 1901, is structured in a traditional way in order to be reactive and efficient, flexible and agile,

To this end, ATC ® has put in place good governance to ensure a favorable development of its projects:

A board of directors composed of members representative of trumpet and horn music.
A Board of Directors composed of horn players and ringers to ensure the management of the activities of the TAC.



The rich musical heritage of trumpets and horns.


Eclectic and innovative projects around learned, traditional, hunting and entertainment music.


The production of old, contemporary and new works.


Our heritage through concerts, study days and recordings.

Trumpet and Horn

Trumpets and horns

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