September 25-26, 2021 – Budapest ,General Assembly of the CIC The European hunting horn ensemble is the brainchild of the Académie Trompes et Cors (ATC), a recently founded French hunting horn academy. In collaboration with the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC), ATC has succeeded in bringing together hunting horn players from all over Europe under the umbrella of a European ensemble. In September 2021, the members came from 7 different countries. (Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Poland)


The objective of this new European ensemble of hunting horns is to :

  • To better familiarize the general public with hunting horns
  • Celebrating the rich cultural heritage and art of hunting horns
  • Presenting the diversity of hunting horns and cultures
  • Present the historical and modern elements of the hunting horns

ATC’s goal is to inform the general public about the art of hunting horn music. They seek to do so in a participatory and inclusive manner. This involves the participation of writers, researchers and academic specialists, among others, as they seek to highlight both historical and contemporary materials.